Benefits of Yoga in Our daily Life

Yoga is nowadays known to almost each and every people around the world and majority among them use to practice yoga-309782_640this type of exercise. Yoga is master key for the longevity and overall fitness of the body and health benefits of the yoga for physical and mental fitness are countless. Now the western science also discovered the healing power of yoga which gives solution for the problems like aches and pains, sickness, weak immune system etc. Let we discuss in detail about the impact of the yoga on our daily life and health:

  • Yoga leads to flexible body: Flexibility is one of the most important charters tics of the body and the initial level of yoga leads to good flexibility. The human body must be flexible as flexibility has number of benefits and practicing yoga for few days only leads to change in body flexibility. The one of the important benefit of flexible body is that it reduces the joint stress and strains and it is very necessary for those who are performing any sports activities. Nowadays, each and every sport person whether it is football player of cricket player, they use to perform various yogic postures for flexible and toned body.
  • Enhances Muscle strength: Every person especially male wants to look muscularyoga-37262_640 as good muscular health for attractive appearance and yogic exercises results for good muscular strength of the human body. Performing heavy exercise such as weight lifting and others may leads to good muscular strength but lacks the flexibility but yogic postures gives good muscular strength along flexibility which makes body stronger and resistible from various muscular issues such as back pains, joint pains and arthritis.
  • Prevents from joint breakdowns: While performing yoga exercises, the joint of our body are on motion and performing soaking and squeezing mechanism which leads to prevent from various cartilages and break downs. This is very helpful for the old age peoples and sportspersons as such issue happens with them mostly.
  • Drops high blood pressure: Blood pressure is also one of the most common disorder and even teenagers nowadays suffering from this health issue. Higher blood pressure leads to serious health issues such as hyper tension and Performing breathing exercises and various yogic postures leads to drop diastolic blood pressure to tal-1147344_64015 points and systolic blood pressure to 26 points if you are regularly practice yoga for at least 3 months.
  • Improves body immunity: Immune system is one of the most important for human body as it makes body resistible against various diseases and disorders and practicing yoga consistently undoubtedly leads to the excellent and enhance immunity of the body. That is why nowadays yoga is also practicing on the colder areas where the temperature is below 0 degree Celsius and peoples who lives there especially soldiers use to perform yogic exercise to keep themselves fit and survive in such colder areas. Practicing yoga consistently leads your body away from various viral infection and flues which takes place due to change in climate or weather.

Health benefits of Yoga and various asana

Yoga is one of the vital and important exercise which aims for the entire development of human body from physical shiva-405978_640to mental level. Yoga is a form exercises which have its origins from ancient time and nowadays most of the peoples across the globe use to practice various yogic exercises on their daily routine to maintain their physical as well as mental health level. Initially it needs some trainer to perform so but once person knows all the steps then it could be perform at anywhere at any time.

There are countless health benefits of yoga and Let we discuss them all in details:

  • Weight loss: Obesity is nowadays one of the major health issue and the world health organization reports says around more than 50% of the people in world suffering from this health issue. Obesity leads to increase human body weight and thus leads to plenty of diseases and disorders such as diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure etc. Talking about yoga then it is one of the best exercises to reduce your body fat as well as weight and keep toned and fit. Yogic pranayams such as Kapalbhati and surya namaskar (sun salutation) are major exercise which helps to reduce weight and removes unwanted body fat accumulated on various parts of the body.
    Performing kapalbhati for 10-15 minutes daily leads to reduce body fat level within 7 dayyoga-37267_640
  • Relief from Stress: As per the present scenario, every person above age 16 is suffering fros. Most of the physicians also recommended this yoga practice to those who are suffering from any kind of stomach diseases and this yogic practice also purifies the blood.m stress and it is so obvious that every person from student to worker suffers from obesity due to their busy schedule of life. Stress further leads to hyper tension and even depression which causes serious and thus leads to major health problems. Performing yogic asanas and pranayams are the key solution for the stress and practicing it daily definitely leads to peaceful mind and stress free life. Meditation is also one of the major and important parts of yoga and performing meditation for 15-20 minutes daily leads to stress free life and person able to perform their work with more concentration.
  • Overall body fitness: every person needs to be fit and yoga is only the technique which takes cares of each and every part of the body. There are plenty of yogic postures are there which leads to good physical fitness and on the other hands, various breathing techniques are there which leads to good inner and mental fitness. yoga-263673_640The yogic exercises aims for inner as well as outer (or physical) fitness of the body and performing all these daily for at least half an hour leads to a successful and wonderful life without any tension and stress. The Surya namaskar (Sun salutation) is the one of the important type yogic exercise which regulates and strengthens each and every part of the body and gives good physique and toned body.

Yoga for well being of Human Life

We are moving at very fast pace in our lives to get name, fame, money and status. In this busy lifestyle health issue is frogs-1030278_640very neglected by every one of us. We realize its importance after certain age or at the time of problem in our body. It gives birth to anxiety, stress, and insomnia and imbalance lifestyle. The only solution to our all problems is “Yoga”. The system of yoga in daily life is taught all over the world in different centers. All of us have to join yoga and make it a part of our daily lives. I am sure it will make our lives healthier, happier and better. It will make us active and alert in our day to day activities.

Benefits of Yoga

  1. Bringing inner peace – We can be peaceful and calm by doing yoga daily. It reduces stress and brings improvement in our health. It relaxes all our veins and nervous system because it increases air in our lungs with each breath. The relaxing exercise brings peace and reduces stress in our
  2. Improves overall health – Yoga gives physical and mental strength to our body. We do yoga and it reduces stress which automatically increases our stamina and power of the body. It gives all around fitness, improves sexual life, stamina and reduces the problems of migraines
  3. Weight Loss – Yoga is one of best option to reduce weight of a human body. There are many asana like kapal bharti, hala asana, bala asana, veerbhadra asana which are useful for weight loss and increase the metabolism of body. It is very useful for the people suffering from obesity.
  4. Boosting Immune System – Yoga will boost our immune system by increasing the circulation of blood cells, decreasing stress hormones. This will protect our body by improving the whole system of body. It will also protect our body by evil toxins.
  5. Improves flexibility – The practice of yoga tones our body muscles and makes them strong which is very helpful in improving our body posture. Stronger muscles help to save us from sport injuries and other injuries due to over relaxation. It helps in better movement in less pressure.
  6. Heart Health – Our heart is the main part of our body which should function properly. Yoga plays a vital role in saving us from different heart strokes and diseases.
  7. yoga-179630_640Reduce Depression – Yoga can easily take us out from a depression, including those related to a divorce. There are many asana like bhujanga
    asana, dog pose, warrior pose, bridge pose, child’s pose which are hilarious and powerful. It reduces depression from our lives easily and helps us go through the process of the dissolution of marriage much easier. Si necesitas ayuda con tu divorcio en Español Haz click aqui
  8. Treating Back Pain – Lower back pain is very though and painful for everyone. Yoga breathing technques, traction, and pressure can cure back pain. Yoga poses increase the flow of oxygen thorough out the body which releases muscles and reduce the back pain.

Yoga is complete cure our system and body for long life. It gives us what we need and gives us complete satisfaction. So start doing yoga in your daily life for healthy and beautiful lifestyle for long life.

Origin of Yoga in Indian Culture


Yoga has been derived from Sanskrit root word “yuj” which means “to add”, “to join”, “to unite”, “to attach”. Yoga is one of the best practices in the world for good physical, spiritual and mental health .It is originated in India and followed by Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It has been originated in pre-vedic Indian tradition. But it was developed in fifth and sixth BCE in ancient Indian Times. Yoga has many types like Raja yoga, Hatha Yoga and Sahaj Yoga as well. The international yoga day is celebrated on 21 June every year. It was declared by our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi during his address to UN general assembly on 27 September.

Paths of Yoga

  1. Hatha Yoga – It deals with breathing exercise and body which helps the student to be alert. It makes them aware of their internal strength and state. It helps the student to make a healthy body and sound mind by practicing asana.
  2. Karma Yoga – It means “the yoga of action “which teaches to do our jobs skillfully, selflessly, dedication to the humanity. This practice helps to live in this world without being burdened and distressed.
  3. Jnana Yoga – This path is the path of knowledge and wisdom with discipline. It makes us aware with the reality of world and makes us peaceful soul. It teaches us to differentiate the difference between real and unreal, finite and infinite.women-1178187_640
  4. Bhakti Yoga – This path shows us the path of devotion to the almighty. It gives us the strength to surrender and to dedicate all human resources to the God. It is a path of Love and devotion.
  5. Raja Yoga – It is also called Royal yoga which helps to purify our desires and emotions. It can be attained my some methods and technique. Raja yoga helps to feel the inner reality by eight hundred ladders. The ultimate goal is to attain the eight rung, Samadhi.

Purpose of Yoga

The main purpose of yoga is to train mind and body of a human being. Yoga practice leads us to mental stability, equanimity, conyoga-1027243_640 (1)centration, meditation, devotion, super natural power and transformation. It is useful for the people who are searching for mental peace and satisfaction in their lives. Yoga is gift of Hinduism to other religions too. It cures many types of physical and mental illness. It can give new life to the person completely which is the complete transformation. It gives us mental relaxation and prepares us to do well in all walks of life. A person practicing yoga can live long with good health.

Yoga has been practices to remove all the problems related to our body like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine, headaches, asthma, shallow breathing, backaches, slip disc, constipation, menopause and many chronic illnesses. It also has proved the ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress, especially when going through a divorce (check out for information on divorce). Yoga can also be well- designed exercise program, increasing general health and stamina reducing stress and improve life style of people, including those going through a legal separation.

Health Benefits of Yoga



It is a practice of mind and body in the form of physical, spiritual as well as a mental practice which has an origin in India during ancient India. There are various types of yoga practices that can combine physical as well as mental postures with brilliant breathing techniques.

There are various benefits available which are good for the gaining health.

In case of Anxiety and Depression

Yoga is one of the most commonly used weapons for controlling mind-body interventions. It can be resulted into an improved functioning of organs as well for mental health also; it has shown some brilliant result.  Yoga has demonstrated that it has the power to control and coordinate the functioning of the human brain by reducing the amount of cortisol (a type of stress hormone) which is commonly seen while a person is in depression. It can create some anti- stress effect by reducing the amount of cortisol in a brain; therefore, it can bring relief in depression.

Mental health

Doing some physical activity regularly has a positive effect on mental health. One form of Yoga that is Hatha yoga can improve fatigue, self- improvement.  Recently a study has been done to compare the effects of two entities one is a form of a yoga called “Hatha” yoga and the other is a type of resistance exercises on mental health. The result has shown that “Hatha” yoga has improved fatigue level, quality of life and has improved the body

Lower Back Pain

A Recent study suggests that yoga can be effective for certain chronic back pain. Study on different age persons for 10 weeks has suggests that there is a considerable amount of back pain as measured on a VAS i.e. visual analog scale. Flexibility has also increased in persons doing yoga; it provides better improvement for reducing the pain and quality of life.


The effective stress management quality of a human body is the key to managing a blood pressure in it. Yoga has used as a therapeutic agent for controlling pre-hypertension and elevated blood pressure. This effect of yoga has appeared in greater value in people with cardiovascular disease part from that it has also benefited of normal blood pressure.


With the help of doing Iyengar Yoga asana over a couple of weeks can be resulted into an increment of the flexibility of a human body. It can drastically increase flexibility in hamstring as well as in the muscles of the vertebral column.


Stress management while going through a divorce

Yoga has been a model for managing stress on a regular basis and especially if you are going through a divorce. A study shows that cortisol of a person doing yoga can be decreased with the significant amount and the behavior of the students has been increased tremendously. It can bring some positivity to your life by balancing the stress level. If you are going through a, yoga will help you focus on moving forward.

Increasing flow of blood

Yoga has been a choice of many ancient gurus for marinating their body stamina as well as controlling their blood
stream. It has been proved that yoga is the key to getting many numbers of physical advantages in case of the flow of blood.  

Fatigue Related to Cancer

The frequently reported and the most stressful side effect i.e. fatigue often has significant consequences. Yoga can remove this fatigue and produce some energy on a crucial basis thereby improving your health. It has beneficial effects on some inflammatory activities produced by a fatigue.