Yoga for Older People

Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash

Benefits of Yoga for Older People

As a person gets old, he needs to keep his muscles moving so as not to lose his strength. Yoga can help accomplish this. Walking around is also very important for older people. However, the benefits of practicing Yoga can be enormous.

Applications in Nursing Homes

Gone are the days where nursing homes where places that older people went to shrivel up and die. In places such as Inlet Coastal Resort in North Carolina, exercise such as regular yoga sessions is a daily event on their activity schedule. If you are looking for a retirement home in the Raleigh, North Carolina area you gotta check out their facilities and activities!

Gone are the days when many people used to think that fitness and exercise were for younger people. If you are an older person, you can benefit from building strength and muscle mass through Yoga. Studies have shown that strength training and exercise can greatly benefit those who are over 50 years old.

Photo by Josh Blanton on Unsplash

As you grow older, many changes take place in your body. Metabolism tends slow, and body fat can accumulates quickly. Older people may also experience blocked arteries, higher blood pressure, thinning of or porous bones that can cause osteoporosis, depreciating muscle and skin tones, etc. staying fit is important to keep these changes in your body in check, and Yoga exercise can prove helpful in this regard.

Studies have also revealed that older people who practice yoga show signs of improved health. These people have discovered that attending Yoga class have helped them to experience less pain, have more range of motion in their joints, and they now have a greater sense of well being.

Some benefits older people can get from Yoga

Slow Pulse: A consistent practice of Yoga can lower the pulse (heart rate). If you have a slower pulse, it means your heart is strong enough to pump more blood.

Improved Blood Circulation: Older people can also benefit from Yoga as it helps in transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. It promotes healthier organs, brain, and skin.

Reduced Blood Pressure: Older people often experience blood pressure. However, with Yoga, their blood pressure can reduce. This is due to more efficient blood circulation and oxygenation of the body that Yoga promotes.

Improved Respiration: If you have a slower rate of breathing, it indicates that your lungs are working more efficiently during and after exercise. Through a combination of controlled breathing and fitness, older people can have controlled respiratory rate.

Relieve Arthritis: The slow, deliberate movement of yoga poses and the gentle pressure put on the joints can provide additional lubrication in the joints of older people. The lubrication and gentle stretching help to relieve arthritis symptoms in older people. A greater range of motion will also be achieved over time.