Health benefits of Yoga and various asana

Yoga is one of the vital and important exercise which aims for the entire development of human body from physical shiva-405978_640to mental level. Yoga is a form exercises which have its origins from ancient time and nowadays most of the peoples across the globe use to practice various yogic exercises on their daily routine to maintain their physical as well as mental health level. Initially it needs some trainer to perform so but once person knows all the steps then it could be perform at anywhere at any time.

There are countless health benefits of yoga and Let we discuss them all in details:

  • Weight loss: Obesity is nowadays one of the major health issue and the world health organization reports says around more than 50% of the people in world suffering from this health issue. Obesity leads to increase human body weight and thus leads to plenty of diseases and disorders such as diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure etc. Talking about yoga then it is one of the best exercises to reduce your body fat as well as weight and keep toned and fit. Yogic pranayams such as Kapalbhati and surya namaskar (sun salutation) are major exercise which helps to reduce weight and removes unwanted body fat accumulated on various parts of the body.
    Performing kapalbhati for 10-15 minutes daily leads to reduce body fat level within 7 dayyoga-37267_640
  • Relief from Stress: As per the present scenario, every person above age 16 is suffering fros. Most of the physicians also recommended this yoga practice to those who are suffering from any kind of stomach diseases and this yogic practice also purifies the blood.m stress and it is so obvious that every person from student to worker suffers from obesity due to their busy schedule of life. Stress further leads to hyper tension and even depression which causes serious and thus leads to major health problems. Performing yogic asanas and pranayams are the key solution for the stress and practicing it daily definitely leads to peaceful mind and stress free life. Meditation is also one of the major and important parts of yoga and performing meditation for 15-20 minutes daily leads to stress free life and person able to perform their work with more concentration.
  • Overall body fitness: every person needs to be fit and yoga is only the technique which takes cares of each and every part of the body. There are plenty of yogic postures are there which leads to good physical fitness and on the other hands, various breathing techniques are there which leads to good inner and mental fitness. yoga-263673_640The yogic exercises aims for inner as well as outer (or physical) fitness of the body and performing all these daily for at least half an hour leads to a successful and wonderful life without any tension and stress. The Surya namaskar (Sun salutation) is the one of the important type yogic exercise which regulates and strengthens each and every part of the body and gives good physique and toned body.

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