Health Benefits of Yoga



It is a practice of mind and body in the form of physical, spiritual as well as a mental practice which has an origin in India during ancient India. There are various types of yoga practices that can combine physical as well as mental postures with brilliant breathing techniques.

There are various benefits available which are good for the gaining health.

In case of Anxiety and Depression

Yoga is one of the most commonly used weapons for controlling mind-body interventions. It can be resulted into an improved functioning of organs as well for mental health also; it has shown some brilliant result.  Yoga has demonstrated that it has the power to control and coordinate the functioning of the human brain by reducing the amount of cortisol (a type of stress hormone) which is commonly seen while a person is in depression. It can create some anti- stress effect by reducing the amount of cortisol in a brain; therefore, it can bring relief in depression.

Mental health

Doing some physical activity regularly has a positive effect on mental health. One form of Yoga that is Hatha yoga can improve fatigue, self- improvement.  Recently a study has been done to compare the effects of two entities one is a form of a yoga called “Hatha” yoga and the other is a type of resistance exercises on mental health. The result has shown that “Hatha” yoga has improved fatigue level, quality of life and has improved the body

Lower Back Pain

A Recent study suggests that yoga can be effective for certain chronic back pain. Study on different age persons for 10 weeks has suggests that there is a considerable amount of back pain as measured on a VAS i.e. visual analog scale. Flexibility has also increased in persons doing yoga; it provides better improvement for reducing the pain and quality of life.


The effective stress management quality of a human body is the key to managing a blood pressure in it. Yoga has used as a therapeutic agent for controlling pre-hypertension and elevated blood pressure. This effect of yoga has appeared in greater value in people with cardiovascular disease part from that it has also benefited of normal blood pressure.


With the help of doing Iyengar Yoga asana over a couple of weeks can be resulted into an increment of the flexibility of a human body. It can drastically increase flexibility in hamstring as well as in the muscles of the vertebral column.


Stress management while going through a divorce

Yoga has been a model for managing stress on a regular basis and especially if you are going through a divorce. A study shows that cortisol of a person doing yoga can be decreased with the significant amount and the behavior of the students has been increased tremendously. It can bring some positivity to your life by balancing the stress level. If you are going through a, yoga will help you focus on moving forward.

Increasing flow of blood

Yoga has been a choice of many ancient gurus for marinating their body stamina as well as controlling their blood
stream. It has been proved that yoga is the key to getting many numbers of physical advantages in case of the flow of blood.  

Fatigue Related to Cancer

The frequently reported and the most stressful side effect i.e. fatigue often has significant consequences. Yoga can remove this fatigue and produce some energy on a crucial basis thereby improving your health. It has beneficial effects on some inflammatory activities produced by a fatigue.

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